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Chia sẻ Theme JNews v10.6.1 + License key miễn phí mới nhất 2023

You are interested in Chia sẻ Theme JNews v10.6.1 + License key miễn phí mới nhất 2023 right? So let's go together natuts.com look forward to seeing this article right here!

Version 10.6.1 : 14 April 2022

– [IMPROVEMENT] Custom element role for JNews elements – [IMPROVEMENT] Support youtube start end url query on featured video – [BUG]: Fix module header filter including unrelated included post – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Paywall v10.0.5 – [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.9.0

Version 10.6.0 : 12 April 2022

– [IMPROVEMENT] Support WooCommerce Subscriptions payment for JNews Paywall – [BUG] Fix feed and REST API not truncated – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Paywall v10.0.4 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Webstories v10.0.1

Version 10.5.2 : 5 April 2022

– [BUG] Fix editor error on using WPBakery custom element role – [BUG] Fix featured video URL not shown – [BUG] Fix WPBakery archive template style not printed – [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.5.19 – [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.8.0.1 – [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.5

Version 10.5.1 : 30 February 2022

– [BUG] Fix client cookies issue

Version 10.5.0 : 28 March 2022

– [NEW PLUGIN] JNews – Webstories v10.0.0 – [NEW FEATURE] Video length and hover to preview for module video carousel – [NEW FEATURE] Add free option for paywall – [NEW FEATURE] Add a paywall video preview option for the post video format – [NEW FEATURE] Auto-Switching Dark Mode – [NEW FEATURE] Dark Mode as the default mode – [NEW FEATURE] JNews Webstories – [BUG] Fix warning PHP notice on User List Element – [BUG] Fix warning PHP notice on View Counter – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Paywall v10.0.3 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Video v10.0.5 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – View Counter v10.0.4

Version 10.1.4 : 15 March 2022

– [IMPROVEMENT] Changed module query behavior – [IMPROVEMENT] Support pay writer Arab word count – [BUG] Fix crypto Elementor page edit issue – [BUG] Fix Post Carousel 2 dark mode issue – [BUG] Fix WPBakery column id not set – [BUG] Fix WPBakery post block elements attribute – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Pay Writer v10.0.4 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Video v10.0.4 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Weather v10.0.2

Version 10.1.3 : 18 February 2022

– [BUG] Fix Polylang issue

Version 10.1.2 : 17 February 2022

– [BUG] Fix Gutenberg post not save subtitle on first save – [BUG] Fix loading lazy attribute on normal load – [BUG] Fix module excerpt length issue – [BUG] Fix Module Option Abstract Child Theme Issue

Version 10.1.1 : 10 February 2022

– [BUG] Fix account page styling issue on mobile view – [BUG] Fix admin dashboard metabox styling – [BUG] Fix double WPBakery inline css – [BUG] Fix home url when polylang activated – [BUG] Fix No content JNews – News Ticker – [BUG] Fix paywall and split post plugin conflict – [BUG] Fix prevent photoswipe popup on caption link – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Food Recipe v10.0.1 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Gallery v10.0.2 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Push Notification v10.0.1 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Social Login v10.0.2 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Split v10.0.2

Version 10.1.0 : 25 January 2022

– [IMPROVEMENT] Update Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch social counter – [BUG] Fix align-text issue when scrolling – [BUG] Fix author name not translated in author page – [BUG] Fix conflict with FluentForms plugin – [BUG] Fix JSON LD brand – [BUG] Fix post package dark mode isssue – [BUG] Fix read time meta custom post template – [BUG] Fix widget element undefined index issue – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Frontend Submit v10.0.1 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.2 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Meta Header v10.0.2

Version 10.0.9 : 17 January 2022

– [IMPROVEMENT] Better view counter query optimization – [BUG] Fix ads in Module 10 – [BUG] Fix bbPress style issue – [BUG] Fix dynamic image generator issue – [BUG] Fix error when polylang is not activated – [BUG] Fix image URL issue – [BUG] Fix inline module ads issue. – [BUG] Fix mobile scroll lag on automotive demo – [BUG] Fix premium post issue – [BUG] Fix rtl table text-align issue – [BUG] Fix wrong URL lost password in popup login – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Paywall v10.0.2 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Podcast v10.0.3 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – View Counter v10.0.3

Version 10.0.8 : 4 January 2022

– [IMPROVEMENT] Add Twitch social author – [BUG] Fix home URL with Polylang plugin – [BUG] Fix Image CLS issue – [BUG] Fix JNews – Block Link Element issue – [BUG] Fix JNews – Migration Newspaper not pull some fields – [BUG] Fix no cookie zoom issue – [BUG] Fix product image disappear when use JNews – Podcast plugin – [BUG] Fix table text-align issue – [BUG] Fix unable to change category template issue – [BUG] Fix WPBakery Backend not showing – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Essential v10.0.4 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Extended Category Option v10.0.2 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Frontend Translation v10.0.0 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.1 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Newspaper Migration v10.0.1 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Pay Writer v10.0.3 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Podcast v10.0.2 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Video v10.0.3

Version 10.0.7 : 22 December 2021

– [IMPROVEMENT] Add category template support for Polylang – [IMPROVEMENT] Replace jScrollPane libraries – [BUG] Fix cart icon color on darkmode – [BUG] Fix wrong home url when polylang activated – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Customize Detail Category v10.0.1 – [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Gutenberg v10.0.1 – [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.5.12 – [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.8.0 – [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.3

Conclusion: So above is the Chia sẻ Theme JNews v10.6.1 + License key miễn phí mới nhất 2023 article. Hopefully with this article you can help you in life, always follow and read our good articles on the website: natuts.com

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