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King Hung’s Death Anniversary 2021 in form, solemn and meaningful

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“Du ai di nguoc ve xuoi, nho ngay Gio to mung 10 thang ba”

(Wherever you are in life, return on Lunar March 10 to remember your origin)

It has become the normal basis for Hung Vuong Specialized High School, on King Hung’s Death Anniversary of Lunar March 10, to organize the event heading back and paying tributes to the ancestors who had built up the nation. To ensure safety amid Covid-19 pandemic, the event was simply organized but the solemnity and meaning had been retained.

Grade 11 students of Hung Vuong Specialized High School are making chung cakes to offer to the ancestors of the nation

Solemn and meaningful festival

Attending the King Hung’s Death Anniversary in 2021, in the morning of April 21 (the 10th of Lunar March of the lunar calendar) at Hung Vuong Specialized High School was Nguyen Van Loc, Standing Member cum Head of Binh Duong provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Binh Duong provincial Vietnamese Fatherland Front Committee, Nguyen Van Dong, Standing Member of Binh Duong provincial Party Committee cum Secretary of Thu Dau Mot city Party Committee, all-time teachers of Hung Vuong Specialized High School, and student representatives of the school. In the music and the sound of gongs, the leaders of the province and the delegates offered commemorative incense to the altar of the fatherland to commemorate the merits of the Hung Kings.

This year, in order to ensure the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, the King Hung’s Death Anniversary organized by Hung Vuong Specialized High School was more concise than in other years. Accordingly, from April 15 to 21, the school organized an online exam for students to learn about the history of Hung Kings. Before the death anniversary, the school organized and event for students to test the five-fruit tray competition regarding chung and tet cake displaying. On April 20, representatives of Grade 11 students gathered to the school to pack and cook the cakes. Together with beautiful and meaningful five-fruit tray, the exam, though brief introductions, left a deep impression on the students’ hearts. And on Lunar March 10, all the five fruit platters were presented to the altar of the fatherland.

Nguyen Van Son, Rector of Hung Vuong Specialized High School, said that the activities on educating students are traditionally oriented towards the national origin, the tradition of building and defending the Vietnamese nation and its predecessors; thereon, it also fostered and promoted the will of self-reliance, national pride, and the will to revive the nation under the leadership of the glorious CPV. Bythe death anniversary, the school also promoted cultural activities to build a cultural environment and a healthy, and joyful life so as to preserve and promote the national cultural identity.

A school holding the worthy name of the nation

“Studying for the merit of ancestors and live a life of glory like Lac Hong”. Being proud of the school name, for many years, Hung Vuong Specialized High School’s teachers and students have worked hard to teach, study and practice to achieve high results in the career of educating people. Nguyen Van Son said, upholding the love for the job, teachers of the school have always been conscious of self-study and self-training to improve professional knowledge and pedagogical capacity. In addition, the Trusty Board of the school encourages teachers to actively innovate their teaching methods and apply information technology to teaching. Currently, there are many lessons for teachers to make use of the audio-visual rooms, projectors, and illustration tapes. All teachers are now using Activbroad and composing lectures by this software.

Teachers of the school have also combined active teaching techniques with encouragement of their students to be proactive and creative in implementing solutions to make teaching and learning more effective. As for students, they are active in learning, scientific researches by applying interdisciplinary knowledge into practice and participate in activities aiming at acquiring scientific knowledge and practicing life skills.

For the efforts of the school’s collective, Hung Vuong Specialized High School has upheld the tradition and order of teaching and learning. The quality of education is constantly raised through the movement of exams for excellent students and excellent teachers. Achievements of excellent students in subjects and fields at the provincial, regional and national levels of the school have been mostly improved annually in terms of quantity and quality. In 2021 alone, the school had 160 students winning prizes at the provincial contest for excellent students and 31 students winning national prizes.

Reported by Anh Sang – Translated by Vi Bao

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