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10 Things to Do When You Don’t Want to Do Anything

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I don’t feel like doing anything. It’s an all-too-common feeling, and it often leads to procrastination in the worst possible way. But there are ways to push through these feelings and make sure you get over these things. You can do this even if they seem difficult or tedious at first.

When you don’t feel like doing anything, often you really don’t want to do anything.

Nothing sounds good to you, and even well-intentioned suggestions from loved ones might make you a little cranky.

Often, these feelings are normal and temporary, triggered by stress or a busier-than-usual lifestyle.

A more long-lasting loss of interest (apathy) or experiencing less pleasure in the things you usually enjoy (anhedonia), however, may suggest there’s something a little more serious going on.

10 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

5 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

If you don’t feel like doing anything, try these things:

Take a nap or go to bed early

Sleep can help reset your body’s clock and recharge your batteries so you’ll wake up with more energy the next day. Sometimes just getting through one night of sleep deprivation will make you feel better prepared for whatever comes next.

Take a break from social media and/or the internet

We all know that scrolling through Facebook or Instagram has been linked to feelings of envy. The more time you spend online, the less likely it is that you’ll have any positive emotions at all. You might feel better if you decide not to use your phone for a while, but instead, talk to someone you care about in person.

Go for a walk

Physical activity helps your body release chemicals called endorphins that can improve mood and energy levels. If getting out of bed seems like too much effort, maybe just stretching or doing some yoga poses on the floor will help get your blood flowing first thing in the morning.

Go for a run

Running has been linked to stronger feelings of self-esteem and improved mood. Running can also help you feel more in control, which is especially helpful when feeling stressed or overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

Listen to music that makes you happy

Music produces the same brain chemicals as exercise does, so it could give your spirits the boost they need to get through the day.

Talk with someone you trust

Talk about how you’re feeling, whether it’s a friend or family member, counselor, or therapist. Talking about your feelings can help them feel less overwhelming and more manageable. It can also give you an opportunity to get advice on ways of coping that work for other people in similar situations.

Read something that makes you feel good

Books, blogs, magazines can all be great ways to relax and recharge. You might also try listening to an audio version of a book or spending time with a loved one who is reading aloud.

Try mindful meditation

Mindfulness has been linked to better physical health as well as improved mental health. The practice focuses on being aware of your own experiences in the present moment, rather than worrying about what happened earlier or what will happen later.

Do something that makes you happy

In a world full of responsibilities and deadlines, it’s easy to forget how important doing things we enjoy can be for our overall well-being. If nothing else, try to do one thing that makes you happy today.

Try self Compassion

Self-compassion has been linked to improved mood and less stress, among other benefits. It involves having compassion for yourself when you experience pain or failure instead of feeling harshly critical or judgmental about your own mistakes. Self-compassion is different from self-pity because it’s based on a sense of shared humanity rather than individual helplessness.

Love yourself the way you’d love a friend or family member

If someone else was going through what you’re facing, how would you respond to them? What advice might you give? Try treating yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you’d show another person in a similar situation. This can make it easier to see your current struggles as part of the normal ebb and flow of life, rather than something unusual or abnormal.

Reasons For Feeling Like Not Doing Anything

It feels easier not doing anything because then people won’t expect things from me or ask why I’m sad all the time if they can see that nothing is going on with me.

I don’t feel like doing anything because it feels pointless. I’m so used to not having any motivation that I just stay in bed for days at a time.

Right now, there’s no reason why I should do anything when everything is already bad enough as it is. Maybe tomorrow or the day after but right now nothing could change my mood.

I don’t feel like doing anything because I’m simply not in the mood for it or just don’t want to do it at all. Maybe tomorrow, but right now I’d rather be alone and think about what’s going on with me.


There are many reasons why you may feel like doing nothing. It might happen because your brain is tired, or it could happen due to a lack of motivation. The good news is that there are ways to get out of this slump and start feeling more motivated! Here are some tips for getting back into the swing of things:

1) Take care of yourself by eating well and exercising regularly;

2) Get enough sleep each night;

3) Prioritize what needs to get done today so you can tackle one task at a time;

4) Create an environment where you’re comfortable working. This will increase your productivity;

5) Remind yourself how important your work is by keeping a gratitude journal in which you write down three things that went well each day.

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