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Feng Shui – Plants that bring Money, Health and Happiness to your Home

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Planting Trees as per Feng Shui According to the ancient teaching of Feng Shui, there are a number of symbols, the use of which brings wealth, happiness, health and longevity. One of the most popular such talismans is considered a money tree,

Money tree

Money tree – the most common talisman that attracts wealth. Initially, it is considered to be money trees any plants that have fleshy leaves of a rounded shape. And in order for the effect of this talisman to be stronger, it is necessary to hide coins in the pot where the tree grows, and place the talisman in the wealth sector, that is, in the southeastern part of the dwelling. Recently, artificial money trees have gained great popularity. Outwardly, this talisman looks like a tree, in which instead of leaves there are golden Chinese coins with square holes. Strengthen the magical features of the talisman with water. After all, it is known that running water according to the teachings of Feng Shui symbolizes a constant influx of wealth and abundance. And that means

Tree of happiness

The tree of happiness, as the name implies, draws a favorable atmosphere into the home of its owner, thus giving happiness, prosperity and a sense of comfort. Depending on the location, it is possible to accentuate the attraction of various positive energies. If the tree of happiness is located in the eastern sector of the house, then special attention is paid to the implementation of the plan and health, and for speedy enrichment, the best place is the northeast of the room where the whole family gathers, usually a hall or a living room. For the manufacture of this talisman use such semiprecious and precious stones as aventurine, carnelian, crystal. Trees of happiness look very beautiful and gentle, where amethyst is used as material for the leaves. That is, in addition to magical functions, such a tree will also serve as a decoration of the room,

Peach tree

A special place in the symbolism of ancient Chinese teachings belongs to fruit trees – peach and tangerine, because fruits in Feng Shui mean abundance. By purchasing a peach tree, you become the owner of a powerful talisman that can activate both the attraction of health (placement in the eastern part of the housing) and the positive energy responsible for wealth (placement in the center). Its influence is very beneficial for those families who want children, but experience some difficulties in this matter. In this case, you need to constantly pay attention to the peach tree, do not forget to look after it. You can also place photographs depicting numerous children’s companies near him, for example, a photo of some children’s holiday. It is also necessary that the talisman is always in a good lighting zone,

If you want to renew love feelings with a partner, to resume former passion in communication, then use such a talisman like tangerine tree-feng shui, like a tangerine tree. And it should be, of course, in the zone of love, that is, in the southeast sector. In addition, the mandarin tree has such a positive quality as the instant absorption of any negative energy. And if you put it in the northeast sector, you can activate the energy of money. Especially if you need luck in managing existing savings.

Despite what kind of tree you want to purchase, remember that only that talisman will be effective, which is located in accordance with all the recommendations of the Feng Shui teachings, and also acquired in a good mood. And even better if you got it as a gift from a sincere and kind person.

Since the element of the Tree controls the southeast, the energy of this zone is perfectly activated by plants – living, artificial, painted. Especially alive, because they carry the energy of Nature. Any plant with round or heart-shaped leaves pointing up will work as a money talisman. Succulent plants with rounded, fleshy leaves resembling coins, for example, a fat woman, are most suited to this role.

But creeping and prickly plants in this zone are undesirable. The energy of creeping plants is too passive, they are good for neutralizing “poisonous arrows”, and thorny plants themselves emit negative energy, therefore they are usually used to protect from hostile energies that enter the house from the outside. Remember that plants need care! Water and fertilize them regularly, because only if they are healthy, strong and well-groomed will they successfully fulfill their purpose. Weak, lifeless and diseased plants will only bring harm to your home.

With pots is not worth philosophizing. Choose them according to the size of the plant – both a cramped and too spacious pot is bad, and remember that pots made from natural materials are preferable to plastic ones.

Using Artificial Plants

Artificial plants act a little less efficiently than real ones, but nevertheless they can also be successfully used as Items of Strength. Just do not forget to regularly clean them of dust: when it accumulates too much, it begins to radiate stagnant energy, which creates stagnation in business. But to keep dry plants at home, as well as a composition of them is not worth it, as they symbolize withering and inhibit good energy.

Using Pictures and frames

Pictures with forest and water landscapes, flowers, fruits, “happiness trees” with precious stones instead of leaflets – all these symbols that you read about in the chapter on the Family and Health zone are also useful in the southeast. The same applies to wood products, I especially recommend bamboo sticks (flutes).

This is a very happy mascot! The rapidly growing stems of bamboo symbolize intensive growth, development, prosperity and longevity. Flutes are hung on a red string with red tassels. The length of the lace should be a multiple of nine, and the flutes themselves should hang at an angle of 45 degrees.

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